Location: Bali 
Year: 2017
Client: PT Iswara Devata
Management: Jumeirah Group
Spa Size: 19,000 SQFT 

Spa Concept

Beneath its touristy veneer lies a unique cultural and natural abundance that is at the heart of this spiritual destination, Ubud, Bali.

The vision of Venu Ubud Spa is to tap into that rich culture and spirituality and provide a sense of wellbeing with an approach that is founded on simplicity, authenticity and efficiency.

Venu Ubud Spa aims to be a peaceful retreat surrounded by the magnificent forest and river scenery of Ubud, leading to plenty of relaxation and stress relief and where guests can wander at ease, are supported in their wish to slow down, be in the present moment and just have great treatments.


2 spacious couple and 2 single suites – both types with oversized bathtub on an outdoor deck perched over the river gorge providing total privacy and direct connection with Nature.

1 Volcanic stone natural pool, with ergonomic loungers carved in the stone

1 Yoga and Meditation platform nestled in the woods.

1. Open concept Spa Living Space with a reception welcome area, a library, lifestyle retail and a tea lounge.