Scope of Professional Services

Before any planning is initiated we visualize and define the appropriate spa concept. This is especially given the critical influence the concept has on the overall design and operations strategies which are all closely intertwined.

By establishing the groundwork from the start, Salamander Lifestyle ensures that important organizational relationships and key design aspects are integrated early in the design process. By focusing specifically on the spa environment to support the guest’s spa experience to be offered, and bringing trade specific knowledge to the design team, the client can be rest-assured that a wide range of possibilities are explored. At Salamander Lifestyle we deliver our services with a view to providing the client with only the optimum choices in services and design in accordance with the client’s values and philosophies.

Design & Construction

At Salamander Lifestyle, we believe that while good planning lies at the heart of great design, it is in the details where sophistication and style are most appreciated. In order to ensure that an elegant design is optimised important details must be adequately outlined and incorporated.

Salamander Lifestyle assures that the high quality of design envisaged at the outset is maintained by continued involvement during the detailed design stage and by providing important input with continuous monitoring and quality control measures. This is to ensure that when designing the space, every element come together to support the guest journey and experience: circulation flows, lighting is appropriate, adjacencies are sensible, etc.

Operational & Management

The professional and efficient functioning of a spa requires that all the peripheral aspects of staff, operations management and customer relations are well structured and co-ordinated. By introducing basic management systems, Salamander Lifestyle ensures a coherent and systematic structure, allowing the operations to take place in a streamlined and productive fashion. We research and source the best suppliers and consultants for our clients to work with us in all aspects of the spa operations. To ensure lasting consistency and uniformity of all operations as well as staff and client communication at all levels, we provide customized and practical manuals on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and periodic updates of the SOPs.

Marketing & Promotions

The marketing strategy of a spa is an essential component in the promotion and the development of potential business. We assist the client with merchandising, precise planning and the creative use of specific materials such as advertising, brochures, informative literature and public relations. We work very closely with the marketing and sales departments of the spa and/hotels to ensure that uniformity and consistency are observed in the positioning and branding of the spa.

Menu and Signature Design

At Salamander Lifestyle we have a deep appreciation for natural beauty practices supported by various East and West traditions. Traditional treatments that complement contemporary spa practices offer customers the benefits of time-honoured healing practices and the ones of the modern world.

Our Signature treatment creations are always beneficial and result oriented because they are inspired by authentic therapies: Ayurveda based therapy, Aromatherapy, traditional Eastern, classical Western and/or Hydrotherapy body treatments, massage therapies, and skin care therapies. The optimum purpose of each Signature treatment is achieved when performed by skilled therapists that we professionally train and high quality customized and branded product lines that we carefully select.

Staffing and Training

At Salamander Lifestyle, we believe that one of the greatest assets and key to the success of any business is its people. In order for a customer to receive the ultimate benefits from his / her treatment the therapists’ mind and senses must be at one with his / her guests’. As such, our core focus is on nurturing the therapists’ spiritual well-being to build awareness and appreciation of the spa journey whilst developing a sense of pride, dedication and satisfaction in their work.

We specialize in the initial selection process, recruitment of prospective spa specialists and their training, as well as in defining clear job descriptions and staff structure to facilitate an efficient distribution of roles and responsibilities. By introducing training programmes we build staff motivation and loyalty while ensuring consistent and uniform high standards of service and treatment delivery. We provide follow up by incorporating periodic quality control measures that continuously assess and monitor the quality of treatments and services offered.