Location: Singapore (1st Planet Fitness Spa)
Year: 2008 – 2010 
Client & Management: Planet Fitness
Spa Size: 1150 SQFT 

Optimum Fitness Inside Out – a day spa that goes beyond body pampering, through integration of spa treatments and conscientious workout, yoga, Pilates programmes for a total wellness lifestyle

Full Scope Turn-In-Key; Design Development from Concept to Construction, Operations & Systems Development, Training Development & Execution, Marketing and Public Relations

Treatment Rooms – 2 of which include a steam/shower each, Whispering Lounge – Pre and Post Treatment Rest Area, Library with refreshments, Mani-Pedi Stations

Pantry/Preparation Room, Changing Rooms, WC and Showers

Bridge of Awareness: Body Balance, Body Energy and Body Harmony programmes designed around spa treatments, meals and fitness, Yoga and Pilates classes.