Location: Maldives
Year: 2010 – 2012
Client: Universal Resorts
Management: Per Aquum

The Universal Resorts Spas’ core concept centres on a delicate blend of tradition, simplicity and nature. The objective of this is to immerse guests with an authentic, time-honoured and yet contemporary Maldivian experience. The ingredients used in all the Signature treatments and Rituals are pure and freshly derived from nature and indigenous to the Maldives, thereby enhancing and promoting a quality and definitive atoll experience. A selection of those natural indigenous ingredients is produced by Maldivian island communities which are supported by Per AQUUM and Universal Resorts’ Corporate Social Responsibility Programme.

Design of a new menu and new signature rituals, Re-design of the guest journey and supportive operations documentation, Training services and revamping of phyiscal facilities and interior design.

• Ten Over-water treatment rooms
• Relaxation room
• Manicure and pedicure room
• Hydro Pool perched over the lagoon
• Steam Room • Sauna Room
• Yoga pavilion with sea view
• Boutique

The Signature Rituals are designed with the creative use of coconut in its most diverse forms: coconut virgin oil and coconut nectar, coconut milk and water, coconut fresh and dried meat, coconut husks and coconut wooden tools! The refreshing and invigorating Sweet Basil characterize the journey of the Spa at Velassaru.

2013 Maldives’ Leading Resort
2012 Maldives’ Leading Resort
2011 Maldives’ Leading Resort