Location: Bali 
Year: 2017
Client: PT Iswara Devata
Management: W Hotels
Spa Size: 19,000 SQFT 

“Beneath its touristy veneer lies a unique cultural and natural abundance that is at the heart of this spiritual destination, Ubud, Bali.

The vision of Away Spa, W Ubud is to tap into that rich culture and spirituality and provide a sense of wellbeing with a W approach of playfulness and chic.”

1no. Beauty Lounge with Beauty Bars with Beauty Pods, Retail and B&F

1no. Change Room: 1 Female and 1 Male Dressing Rooms with Private Lounges

1no. Wet/Dry Lounge with B&F Bar and volcanic stone bath with deck

1no. Treatment Area:  2nos. double treatment rooms/Group room with steam shower and 4nos. Single rooms – all with bathtub

1no. Spa main BOH and Satellite BOH

Asia Spa Awards 2012 – Final Nominations